10.00am - Energex outages information

Published: 04 Apr 2017 11:43am

Minor access issues due to flooding in the Logan area continue to hamper the power restoration process. Some of the worst affected areas for access issues have been southern areas including Eagleby, Munruben, Logan Reserve, Waterford, Logan Village and Numinbah Valley.

Flood waters are receding on the Logan River. The flooding has required transformers to be turned off to ensure the safety of the community. Most of the customers currently remaining without power have been impacted by flood and associated power outages, mostly in the areas of Eagleby, Munruben, Logan Reserve, Waterford and Logan Village.

Energex has had to de-energise homes that have been inundated with flood waters to prevent potentially fatal electrical events and to protect Energex’s assets from damage. Home owners will need to contact a licenced electrician to ensure their property is safe to be reconnected, before power can be restored.  Master Electricians Australia (MEA) and National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) are supporting this message, which Energex is communicating via social and traditional media channels.

Energex is communicating via social media that fallen powerlines may be just beneath the surface of creeks and estuaries. Customers are urged to keep clear and report all fallen power lines on 13 19 62.

Crews are continuing the restoration effort.  More than 700 powerlines have been reported down across the south-east during this event.

Energex continues to maintain community safety by ensuring flood affected assets are not re-energised without appropriate checks.

Energex is encouraging customers that feel they are the only property in their street without power to report this by phoning 13 62 62.

If your home has been inundated by flood waters, before the property can have power restored, contact a licenced electrician to ensure your property is safe to be reconnected.

If you have any water damaged appliances, flooding or water in switchboards call a licenced electrician to ensure your safety.

Be vigilant when cleaning up. If you see a fallen powerline, stay well clear and call our emergency line on 13 19 62 immediately.

If you use critical medical equipment and feel your health is at risk, go directly to the nearest hospital or call Triple Zero (000)

Total current connections affected = 283