Call for patience during clean up

Published: 23 Feb 2018 2:49pm

Logan City Council is still working to clear debris created by February 11’s storm and has asked for the public to be patient given the extensive task.

Council received more than 900 calls to clean up trees and vegetation after the event.

While a number of operations have been successfully completed, Council’s Parks team estimates it could take weeks for all the requests to be completed.

“The storm was mostly centred on Logan and caused serious damage over a wide area,” City Parks, Animals, Environment and Waste Committee Chairperson Jennie Breene said.

“Council staff have done a tremendous job removing fallen branches and vegetation but given the number of parks and reserves in Logan that have been affected it might be a while before we’re finished.

“The highest risk requests are being attended to first before staff begin clearing low-risk threats.

“We thank the public for their patience and understanding and if you haven’t already done so please report any tree damage on 3412 3412 or download the City of Logan app.”