Council plays it cool during Operation Swelter

Published: 03 Nov 2015 7:27am

It was a nightmare scenario facing Logan– extreme fire weather, multiple bushfires, evacuations, a major accident near the M1, and traffic chaos.

Welcome to Operation Swelter, the annual preparedness exercise conducted by Logan City Council and key State Government emergency services designed to test the preparedness of the city's disaster management team.

Acting Mayor Cr Russell Lutton said the training activity helped to ensure that staff were trained and prepared to handle emergency and disaster situations.

"Today's situation was a worse-case scenario, giving our Local Disaster Management Group a chance to test systems and processes while practising their roles in preparation for summer.

"Anything is possible and exercises such as this highlight the need for our community to be on alert and take responsibility for their own preparation.

 "We've already seen several severe storm cell bypass the city, but you never know what to expect in the next few months with hotter than average temperatures forecast.

"We know that sections of the city are flood prone, from both rivers and flash flooding, making preparation all the more important.

"I'm confident that our staff are prepared to handle anything that's thrown at them – but we need our community to be prepared as well.

"If they haven't done so already, I would strongly encourage Logan residents to prepare an emergency kit for this summer."

Details on how to prepare for natural disasters, including preparing emergency kits, looking after pets and evacuation information is on Council's website.